LUCID is a series of bespoke 3D printed cameras, created as part of my MFA thesis where I explored the idea of learning through making. 

LUCID is a celebration of learning through making. I created a series of novel, 3D printed film and digital cameras because I was curious about how images are made. At first, my cameras were pretty rough and as a result, they made grainy and distorted pictures. 

The more I learned through iterative making, the more my designs improved. After I got the basics of camera design down, I realized that I was able to manipulate the resultant images by changing the physical characteristics of the cameras–almost like a real-world slider in a parametric software.

These findings lead me to build a speculative website, where a student could learn about different S.T.E.M. subjects through making and rapid prototyping.

Personal Project
Clay Kippen

Timing: April 2013 - June 2014

Process Blog: